Awards Evening 2017

This year’s awards evening saw many astroscouts, observers and imagers getting awards for their work during 2017.

The junior astroscouts did projects on either a moon in the solar system other than our moon, or one of the historic telescopes.
Project prizes: Toby, Edward and Katie, with close runners up Jack, Alex and Isabel.
Edward, George, Katie, Jack and Alex all become Sky Explorers and Toby becomes a Sky Cadet.
The senior astroscouts; Ben. Harry, James, Victoria, Rose, and Lucia, finished their GCSE this year.

Junior Astrophotographer was awarded to James Emmerson, second place was Lucia Goulev and third place was Amy Slater.

First place image by James Emmerson
Second place image by Lucia Goulev

The Astrophotographer of the Year was awarded to Martin Page for his image in the Deep Sky section, with Steve Boyce and Mark Emmerson tied for second place.

Astrophotographer of the Year 2017 winning image by Martin Page

Section Winners:

Animals at Night section winner by Mark Emmerson
Interesting Clouds section winner by Mike Curran
Phone image section winner by Mark Emmerson
Lunar section winner by David Strange
Solar section winner by Steve Boyce
Planetary section winner by Dave Jones
Widefield section winner by Mark Emmerson
Sunrise/Sunset winner by Pete Youd

Participation Awards were made to the following people who assisted during the following events:-

Ursid Meteor Count 22nd December 2016
Hugh Taylor
Colin Smith
Pete Youd
David Bridges-Galvez
Rose Bridges-Galvez

Messier Marathon 25th March 2017
Kate Nursey
Hugh Taylor
Kerry Powell
David Pedder
Hilary Naylor
Rebecca Naylor
Derek Carter
Elizabeth Carter
Pete Youd

Lyrid Meteor Count 22nd April 2017
Hugh Taylor
Pete Youd