Introduction to Astronomy


10AM TO 5PM.

£25 per person and £20 for NLO members

The aim of this course is to introduce major topics in astronomy. The journey begins with a description of our planet, the Earth, and its place in the Solar System. Further out, star clusters, nebulae, the Milky Way and other galaxies are explored. No prior knowledge or mathematics are required and the course aims to increase one’s appreciation and enjoyment of the night sky. A summary of the topics covered can be seen below.

10:15Looking at the Night SkyThe planetarium will be used to demonstrate the interesting objects which can be seen in the night sky.
11:00Using Star MapsA talk on how to use the star maps which can be found on software, the internet and in newspapers, and the use of a planisphere.
11:45Tea/Coffee break
12:00The PlanetsA description of the planets and a glimpse into our current understanding of planetary science.
12:45Lunch Break
13:45The Sun and the MoonA description of the Sun and Moon, and how to observe them safely
14:30Stars, Nebulae and GalaxiesA brief description of stars and “fuzzy” objects as seen by eye and by amateur and professional equipment.
15:15Tea/Coffee Break
15:30TelescopesA discussion of the types of telescopes and binoculars used by professionals and amateurs, including basis astrophotography.
16:15Tours of the ObservatorySee the historic and modern telescopes and displays housed at the Observatory.

Course tutors are drawn from members of the NLO Society who are experienced amateur astronomers, and unpaid volunteers. Course fees are used to maintain and expand the Observatory buildings and facilities.

To book please email and include details of the name(s) of those who would like to attend the course together with their email addresses and contact phone numbers. No need for a deposit, please pay by cash or card on the day.

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