Welcome to the NLO young observer group called the Astroscouts

The group is divided into two sections – Junior Astroscouts (8 to 12/13) and the NLO Youth Group (14 to 18). The purpose of Astroscouts is to learn about the night sky in all of its seasons; to understand about the Universe with particular reference to our own galaxy and solar system; to observe, draw and image objects in the night sky and use the observatory telescopes.

The Junior Astroscout programme has two parts – Part 1 (Introduction) teaches basic terms and skills and on completion the young astronomer becomes an astroscout. E.g. use a planisphere; recognize a constellation; observe the Moon.


Part 2 teaches practical observing skills and a variety of astronomical topics are introduced. Practical observing takes place whenever conditions allow.

The emphasis is having fun with astronomy!


This group (aged 14 to 18) continues to learn about astronomy and in addition becomes more integrated with the wider society by taking part in a variety of topics as indicated in the Signpost:-

To become an Astroscout it is necessary to become a member of the NLO as part of a family membership. No young person is allowed on site without a parent or guardian present, in accordance with our child protection policy.

The Junior Astroscout Group once a month on Fridays during term time at 18:45. Sessions for the junior group last approximately one hour. The Senior Astroscouts meet on Friday evenings at 19:30 and may stay until 22:30.

Always come with warm clothing and a notebook for recording information and observations. Happy observing!