STEM Talks Group

The NLO STEM Talks Group

This Group holds informal meetings for talks and discussion about all topics related to the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Many of the talks relate to some aspect of astronomy or astrophysics, but since the first meeting of the Group in Autumn 1999 there have been talks on a much wider range of topics including energy and climate change, meteorology, aspects of computing, lives of famous scientists, and advances in electronic devices and smart materials.

For each meeting there is usually one main talk plus a shorter anniversary talk related to the date of birth or death of a famous scientist, technologist, engineer or mathematician.

The Group usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month (apart from August and September) at 2.30 pm. There is no formal membership and any member of the NLO is most welcome to attend (without notice) if a talk is likely to be of interest. The attendance of regular, occasional and one-off members is 15 – 20 members at present, but we are happy to increase this number.

Meetings are usually based on suggestions from regular members of the Group and are given by such members. We are always pleased hear from members who, for example, would like to talk about their past career or about their particular scientific or technological interests. Oral or digital presentations are equally encouraged and any reasonable length of talk is acceptable.

Currently, meetings are given as hybrid live + virtual (Zoom) events, but we hope to revert back to purely live meetings unless Covid restrictions intervene.

The monthly meetings are organized by Bob Miles ( and Robin Devonshire. Regular members of the Group are circulated each month on the details of the forthcoming meeting(s). Any NLO member can be included in this circulation list if they so wish.

Any further enquiries or queries should be directed to Keith or Bob.