Opening Times

In light of public health concerns, please wear a facemask when visiting the observatory.
We have a hand sanitiser available in the foyer and have increased ventilation and use U.V. air purifiers for your safety.

Admission to the observatory is from the published opening time. The complete programme commences 15 minutes later.
Arrivals after programme commencement may miss some of the programme content.

The programme is approximately 2 hours duration and will usually include a short talk, a planetarium presentation and visits to the historic telescopes and Lockyer Technology Centre.

Telescope domes are unheated and suitable clothing should be worn. Telescope viewing is dependent on clear sky.

The observatory will always be open at the advertised times. There is no need to pre-book for any published open afternoon or evening.

Our public openings are available as an .ics file to import into calendar applications. If you are using Google Calendar then you can automatically receive updates by clicking the arrow next to Other Calendars, choosing “Add by URL” and pasting the link to the file on this website.

Prices – Adults – £10.00, Children – £5:00, Family ( 2 adults and 2 children) £25:00

Thu 27th Jan19:15Winter constellations
Thu 10th Feb19:15How solar system bodies are named
Thu 24th Feb19:15The sky tonight
Thu 10th Mar19:15Spring constellations
Sat 19th Mar11:00NLO/Space.Exe open day
Thu 24th Mar19:15Exploding stars
Thu 14th Apr19:15Observing the Moon
Thu 28th Apr19:15Mercury spotting
Sat 7th May20:00Sunset walk and storytelling under the stars
Thu 12th May19:15Nebulae & galaxies
Thu 26th May19:15Using a phone camera for astrophotography?
Thu 9th Jun19:15Jupiter and the Juno mission.
Wed 15th Jun14:15Safe solar observing
Thu 23rd Jun19:15Noctilucent clouds
Thu 14th Jul19:15Summer constellations
Wed 20th Jul14:15Open afternoon
Thu 28th Jul19:15Comets
Thu 11th Aug19:15The Perseid meteor shower
Wed 17th Aug14:15Open afternoon
Thu 25th Aug19:15Saturn
Thu 8th Sep19:15Neptune
Wed 14th Sep14:15Open afternoon
Thu 22nd Sep19:15Jupiter at opposition
Thu 13th Oct19:15Eclipses
Sun 16th Oct11:00Sidmouth Science Festival Family Day
Thu 27th Oct19:15Uranus
Thu 10th Nov19:15Autumn constellations
Thu 24th Nov19:15The Andromeda Galaxy
Thu 8th Dec19:15The Geminid metor shower
Thu 22nd Dec19:15Mars at opposition