Lockyer Technology Centre

The Technology Centre is the hub for a network of Meteor Detection Stations, both within the UK and Europe, utilising back-scattered radio signals emitted by the G.R.A.V.E.S. Satellite Radar Station in Dijon, France and the UK Meteor Beacon at Sherwood Observatory.

The Observatory’s Technology Group is located in the Lockyer Technology Centre where data is collected 24/7. Activities include:

Meteor (“Shooting Star”) Detection
Solar Flare and CME Detection
Muon Detection
Lightning Detection

We also have an aurora camera for capturing displays of the “northern lights” when they are visible from Sidmouth.

We also operate a weather station, and a system for decoding weather satellite images.

All of our systems run on low-cost hardware, the majority are operated by Raspberry Pi computers.

The data can be viewed at the technology group web pages.

The Centre is open to visitors on Observatory Open Days and private group parties.