Monthly Meetings

Our online meeting schedule is as follows

Dec 14th ” Xmas Quiz” – with quiz master Prof. Bob Miles. Twenty questions to tax your mind while we all have a drink & nibble. Bring your own cheese & wine!

Jan 11th Subject TBA – by Rene Breton. Professor of Astrophysics, The University of Manchester

Feb 8th “Citizen Science in Schools – Exploring Seismicity on Mars” by Gordon Neighbour

March 8th “Perseverance & Hope” by Nicholas Booth. Author and science correspondent for Astronomy Now.
Nicholas has written extensively about the search for life on Mars. will also update us as to the latest news from the Mars Perseverance lander.

April 12th “Seven Moons – some of the more bizarre natural satellites of the solar system” by Bob Mizon. CfDS Coordinator, Planetarium presenter/operator.

May 10th “Discovering how it started and where we’re all heading” by Prof. Evan Parker of Warwick University .

Virtually everything we know about the universe we deduce from the radiation – photons – that it emits. The lowest energy photons are perhaps the most revealing, allowing us to look back to the start of time and even get to understand where we are now, regarding that elusive stuff called dark matter – that is most of the universe. Being able to detect photons of piffling energy may also prove to be a critical component that helps define our future. Qbits, flying qbits, “spooky” entanglement could well be the basis of the next industrial revolution – these being at the heart of quantum information processing. Informed opinion has it that the impact of this technology across a whole swathe of humanity’s lived experience will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. These photons are incredibly difficult to detect. Teams of scientists from around the world are trying to find ways to do this. Evan Parker will tell you an intriguing story of how he and a friend working together part-time have seemingly thrust them to the frontier of such photon detection.

June 14th “Relativity. How Einstein broke physics, and why it’s still broken” by Colin Walls.

July 12th “Terahertz Radiation – From Astronomy to Medical Imaging” by Bob Miles