Monthly Meetings

All monthly meetings begin at 7:30 promptly and are open to NLO members and general public.

Our 2019 Schedule is

Date Topic Speaker
14th January Human colonisation of space Leigh Edwards
11th February Water – Its Remarkable Role in the Cosmos Dr Keith Orrell
11th March Cracking starlight’s hidden code Hugh Allan
8th April New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt Chris Starr
13th May The Digitisation Project Jason Hall
10th June A Window through the Universe Peter Bull
9th September Life After Skylark Roger Cooper


January 14th – Leigh Edwards.  Human colonisation of space, past present and future. The challenges humanity faces in travelling, exploring and living beyond the confines of planet earth.”

February 11th – Keith Orrell.  Water – Its Remarkable Role in the Cosmos. The special physical and chemical properties of water (in its solid, liquid and vapour states) are essential to life as we know it. The  distribution of water on the Earth will be described, and the occurrence of water throughout the cosmos outlined in terms of the processes that lead to molecule formation in certain regions, particularly in the ISM (Interstellar Medium). The talk will also include the latest findings of water on certain planets, dwarf planets and moons, and will explore the various theories on how Earth’s oceans were formed.

8th April – Chris Starr FRAS FBIS Space activist, writer and speaker. ‘From Imagination to Reality – New Horizons’ epic voyage to the Kuiper Belt’.
New Horizons is one of the most spectacular and technologically successful planetary missions to date. Chris Starr looks at the history of what we know about Pluto and the outer Solar System, and how NASA’s spacecraft is helping to unlock the secrets of planetary formation and evolution.

10th June – Peter Bull MBE FRAS. ‘A Window Through The Universe’
An overview of the theories of modern Cosmology from the subatomic to the Universal scale. Covering the principles of Quantum and Relativity and how we relate to these ideas currently through constants, the four forces of nature and the building blocks of Space, Time, Matter and Energy.