Monthly Meetings

All monthly meetings begin at 7:30 promptly and are open to NLO members and general public.

Our 2018 Schedule is

Date Topic Speaker
8th January Nuclear Spin – Its Great Impact on Physics, Chemistry and Medicine Dr Keith Orrell
12th February Optics and Metamaterials Euan Hendry (Exeter University)
12th March Cosmology: From the Big Bang through the Dark Ages and to Cosmic Dawn Sarah Bosman (UCL)
9th April ET Martin Griffiths (Dark Sky Wales)
14th May Batteries Mino Green (Imperial College)

“Nuclear Spin – Its Great Impact on Physics, Chemistry and Medicine” by Dr Keith Orrell – 8th January 2018

Dr Keith Orrell presents a personal tribute to Sir Rex Richards, an outstanding scientist who has strong East Devon connections and whose life has strongly impinged on his own scientific career. He describes the remarkable story of how a discovery in fundamental physics has led to a spectroscopic technique that has transformed how chemists are able to identify molecular structures, and how this technique has been the precursor to an amazingly powerful and safe scanning method that medical clinicians have developed for all types of medical diagnosis.