Observers Group

Friday Night Observer Group

The Observer Group meets every Friday at 19:30 (winter months) and 20:30 (summer months). We do not meet in August.

Our sessions are structured to give members an opportunity to learn more about how to navigate the sky, about stars and planets and everything to do with being an Observer.

Weekly activities are weather dependent. They include naked eye observing together with using binoculars and a wide range of on-site telescopes.

Take a look at our latest observation record  Astro Report 9 Feb 2018, as well as reports from our Messier Challenge 2017, Astro Report KP 27Oct17 and NLO Observers Log Nov 17.

You can still find details of our Observer’s Challenges from the menu above.

In winter, if skies are clear we will normally be outside observing at 19.30 – 20.25. If cloudy then talks will take place.

Although the Observers Group does not meet in August the NLO is still open for members to attend if they wish on a Friday evening.

The Observers’ Group Programme resumes on September 1st at the Winter Programme meeting time of 7:30pm.

Date Main subject
2nd March March skies + Solar Eclipse 2017 – cancelled due to severe weather
9th March March skies + Constellation of Gemini
16th March Connections
23rd March Messier Update + Winter Observers’ Report
 30th March  Chinese Constellations