History of Science

The NLO Society – History of Science

The History Group holds informal meetings for talks and discussion about a wide variety of topics in the history of science and technology. The majority relate to some aspect of astronomy, but since the first meeting in the autumn of 1999 there have been several talks on meteorology, computing and scientists, while others have included digital mapping, the electricity-supply industry and beam engines. There is usually one main talk, which is announced in advance, and short contributions about other topics that have come to the attention of members. There may, however, be several short talks or a general discussion about a topic of current interest.

The Group usually meets during the afternoons of the first Tuesday of each month from October to May. There is no formal membership and any member of the Society is welcome to attend (without notice) if a talk is likely to be of interest to them. The attendance of regular, occasional and one-off members fluctuates, but is around 10 at present. Most of the talks are given by our regular members, but the Group would be pleased to welcome other members of the Society who would be willing to speak about their past work or special interests. The meetings are organised by George Wilkins and he would be pleased to give more information and to receive offers of contributions.

For futher information please contact G. A. Wilkins.